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4 Key Benefits of PET

4 Key Benefits of PET

With millennial consumers favoring products that are efficient, convenient, and sustainable, it's no surprise that PET is rising above the competition as the ideal option for alternative wine packaging. StackTek's PET bottle offers an array of advantages that benefit both the consumer and the retailer. 

Commercial Benefits

With crystal clear transparency that lets the consumer see what they are buying, and design flexibility that allows for bold graphics or a minimalist style, PET provides a premium brand experience. StackTek has the ability to customize most of its packaging components, resulting in each bottle becoming a stylish reflection of your unique brand. 


PET is lightweight, shatterproof, and requires no hassle (goodbye, stemware and corkscrew), making it the perfect choice for wine lovers to take on-the-go. For those times when you're poolside, tailgating, or at a concert or festival, StackTek makes it easy to enjoy premium wine anywhere.

Less Waste

Single servings in PET are the ideal solution for portion control and on-premise consumption. Each of StackTek's 187mL cups is prefilled and sealed, resulting in less waste by consumers who simply want one or two glasses of wine without the obligation of having to finish an entire bottle. Venues value the efficiency when it comes to inventory management: no over-pouring, no spillage, and no disposing of half consumed bottles at the end of the day. PET single-serves provide a perfect pour, every time. 

Shelf Life

Thanks to barrier-enhancing technologies that include oxygen scavenger additives, PET prolongs the shelf life and quality of the products it protects and keeps them safe for consumption. Premium wines filled and sealed within StackTek containers experience a shelf-life of up to 96 weeks – the longest in the market among PET packaging.

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