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A Single-Serve Package That Appeals to Millennial Wine Drinkers

A Single-Serve Package That Appeals to Millennial Wine Drinkers

According to Forbes, Millennials have $200 billion in annual buying power, making them the most highly targeted demographic across industries. They're also drinking more wine than any other generation - around 160 million cases per year. Known to spend their money on experiences rather than things, millennials expect innovation in every aspect of their lives, and wine is no exception. 

StackTek is innovative wine packaging that bends the rules of tradition without compromising the quality of the experience. Each 750 mL package snaps apart into 4 shatterproof servings of wine that offer the same look and feel as stemless wine glasses, but with all the convenience of plastic. Made out of medical grade PET, StackTek bottles are lightweight, portable, and perfect for portion control. 

As the preferred wine choice of venues and concessionaires, StackTek is already proving to be favored among millennials who frequent the music festival circuit. Last year Interscope Records, a company consistently at the forefront of cultural trends, sought out StackTek as a way to offer wine to their millennial consumers. Their revolutionary brand, Electric Sky Wine, has since seen massive sales success at large-scale festivals, such as Governors Ball and Bonnaroo. Attendees of these events could often be seen stacking their empty, shatterproof glasses into towers and sharing their images across social media. 

In addition to the packaging benefits for on-premise consumption, this new vehicle for wine allows at-home consumers to enjoy a single glass at a time without the hassle of opening a full bottle. No corkscrew, glassware, or pouring necessary. With single person households expected to outgrow all other household demographics globally from now until 2030 (Euromonitor International), consumers are becoming more receptive to smaller serving sizes that help prevent waste. Millennials in particular are looking for something nontraditional and outside of the box... Or bottle. 

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