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How to Increase On-Premise Wine Sales

How to Increase On-Premise Wine Sales

Selling wine on-premise can be a tough nut to crack, but there's good news: wine consumption extends far beyond traditional restaurants and bars. With millennials now leading the way in wine sales, it's time to look to the places they frequent: 

  •  Festivals
  •  Sports arenas
  •  Concert venues
  •  Hotels
  •  Fast casual restaurants
  •  Amusement parks

When it comes to serving up wine at these locations, portability and efficiency is key. Venues want a product that reduces waste, poses no risk of glass breakage, keeps lines moving fast, and can be sold in single servings. Meanwhile, millennial consumers have a tendency to purchase products based on value, innovative design and convenience. 

StackTek is beverage packaging that hits each of those objectives. 

Already successfully selling at music festivals, amusement parks, and sports arenas, StackTek offers wine brands an opportunity to retail their products in places that are highly trafficked by wine loving consumers. It can be positioned as a 750mL bottle (stack of four shatterproof glasses), or as single 187mL servings that come prefilled and sealed.

Concessionaires love it too. After selling an unprecedented amount of wine at New York's Governor's Ball Music Festival, Spectrum Events stated: "It is astonishing how well this product sells, 15 times better than other wines."

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