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STACKTEK partners with wine and beverage groups, CPG producers and brands, providing a superior custom solution for single-serve packaging that performs at retail & on-premise.

Make it your own. Co-pack or Private Label

It's true.  StackTek's best friend is wine.  We've done what we set out to do - provide a smart and unparalleled single-serve packaging option for premium, craft wines.  View some of them here.

What started out as a vision to offer wine in a convenient and portable format, has quickly evolved into so much more. Throughout our years of research and development, it became clear that with our flexibility to brand most components of StackTek’s packaging, the possibilities can extend far beyond wine.

Whether you represent a winery, a beverage portfolio, organic snacks, or if you’re interested in creating a custom label for a wedding or other event, we’re here to connect the dots and help bring your ideas to fruition.

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Existing beverage and product brands can utilize StackTek to bring their products to a broader consumer demographic, or region and establish a retail footprint beyond their current accounts.

• Wine
• Mixed-Cocktails• Tea + Coffee
• Dry Goods: toiletries, office
• Edible Goods: Crackers, Trail Mix, Candy
• Other (please inquire)

Start your order today, or get more information by contacting us via the button below.

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Private Labeling

Brands of any kind can create their very own beverage or product line in StackTek, featuring custom logos and design. We can assist with product sourcing, art design, compliance, distribution, and more.

• Hotels: In-Room, Poolside, Spa, Golf...
• Air + Cruise Lines
• Fast Casual Dining
• Sports Arenas + Teams
• Entertainment Venues + Festivals
• Any Brand

Start your order today, or get more information by contacting us via the button below.

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Best-in-class Production

The magic happens at our state-of-the-art bottling line located in Modesto, California.  

StackTek's 100% automated bottling process transforms raw goods into a finished, ready-to-ship product. With quality control measures in place to ensure flawless execution, the high-capacity packaging line flawlessly completes each step – labeling, filling, sealing, assembling, packaging, and palletizing – resulting in true efficiency.

Container Advantages for Packages

Seamless Distribution

StackTek containers are a product of our patented molds, which are designed to interlock together through a snapping mechanism - snap apart or together.  Easily distributed as a 750ml with 4 interlocked containers, a 2-pack, 3-pack or individually.

Shelf Life

With a specially engineered filler unlike any other, we utilize an advanced method known as Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). MAP extends the shelf life of products packaged within StackTek, elevating our proprietary bottling line and ensuring industry leading shelf life.


StackTek containers are ideal for beverage and food packaging applications, and are in compliance with the Food and Drug Administration (Food Contact Notification 000635, covering PET polymers).

100% BPA Free

StackTek containers are made from a unique copolymer material that is well-suited for use in custom PET packages. The result is a crystal clear, BPA-free container that looks and feels like glass.

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